Announcing the Skinny Waffle Scarf!

If over the years you have been paying attention to my design adventures, you may recall a purple, rainbows and orange scarf that currently lives on display at Knotty by Nature Fibre Arts in Victoria. This scarf was from the first knit pattern I ever wrote. The learning process while humbling and heartbreaking, helped me grow and develop my style as a designer. Re-vamped, fixed, re-knit in current colourways and newly published, the Skinny Waffle Scarf is a completely reversible scarf pattern, lean and slender around the neck, this scarf can be doubled up, knit wider or worn as a single for those who prefer not too much bulk around their neck. A twist of fate brought us real snow on picture day, a rare occurrence in Victoria BC, much less for late February! To knit your own, take advantage of coupon code SKINNYWAFFLE to save 20% on our Mashmellow Rino yarns

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