Dye Process

Hand Dye Techniques

Emjay uses professional grade acid dyes in a variety of techniques to create layers of applied colour that work together to create intense complex fabrics. She combines all-over baths, hand painted low immersion dyeing and splatter speckle sprinkles to create high contrast pooling and non-pooling and flowing subtle colourways. Colourways are intricate, creative and complex, with some colourways having over 30 seperate steps of colour application.

Non Pooling Watercolour Colourways

These colourways are created using a variety of techniques, gradually adding colour in unpredictable layers and patterns, creating saturated, flowing colour transitions, rich gradients and pools of varying colours and shades that are inextricably intertwined and blended. Colourways tagged to be non-pooling are akin to rich watercolour paintings, subtle in colour changes and transition as the dyes have an opportunity to mingle, layer and blend as they strike. Colour pools are random and unpredictable but flow together for drama and interest with preserved stitch definition which can be ideal when knitting cables, lace or crocheting.

High Contrast Sprinkle Colourways

These colourways offer unpredictable, highly contrasting sprinkles of vibrant colour. Colourways are low-pooling and create dramatic stockinette and garter fabric with intense colour play. Some stitch definition can be lost with high contrast colourways.