Tin Can Knits’ World’s Simplest Mittens hacked!

Tin Can Knits’ World’s Simplest Mittens hacked with striping JOMA Yarns.

Alexa and Emily of Tin Can Knits have done it again! Their newly released World’s Simplest Mittens pattern is incredibly simple and produces a great fitting mitten. Alexa made her own pair with a twist, hacking the pattern to be worked in striped instead of solid. She chose Mashmellow-Rino yarns in Fair Winds and Following Seas and Ray Gun to create a contrast between the bright speckles and darker tones that would make the stripes pop. I love how they turned out! I am working on my own pair and my hack is slipping stitches for make believe brioche squishiness!


  1. florapie

    I’ve wound my Head Over Heels Marshmellow-Rino to make a pair for my daughter, who also wants a matching hat. So they’ll be striped with all kinds of leftovers, and I’m hoping my hack will be a felted lining, if I can figure out how to do it!

    1. admin

      That’s awesome! Fun colour. Do you mean using thrum? I actually thought about trying that out, thrumming these. If you use wool that is not superwash it felts on the inside is that right?

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